When I firstly talked with Ljubica I realised that she is very busy person. She has very demanding job, and at that time she was planing her wedding in Belgrade from Vienna. It required many conversations and decisions by hunch. Luckily we were recommended by her friend so it was easier for her to book us.

We never met until wedding date, and when she and Zoran came I started shooting immediately. There was so many close people and their emotions where a gem I had to take. So I was shooting and after they said hello to everyone, I aproached and said Hi I am your photographer. And Ljubica was, wow great I thought that you are running late and that some other guy jumped in.

To be honest due to lack of informations, since I didn't want to take her time during preparation of wedding, I didn't know what to expect. So I took two cameras and and prepared for unexpected. And boy unexpected it was. Wedding was beautiful, and photographing of this wedding in Belgrade was pleasure. I am so proud that I was part of it. There was small group of people but very close people. People who shoved their true love to newlyweds and partied like it was their wedding.

We had session on Kalemegdan fortress, just me and newlyweds and that was great. They were able to look at each other and emerge love from one another. Kalemegdan is great place to be photographed and they knew that. We had a walk over fortress stoping every few meters to take one more picture, and so on and on.

Celebration was in restaurant Manjez, near Slavija square, we even went out in park Manjez so Ljubica can trow her wedding bouquet. Now when I am watching this images I can feel the smell of this restaurant, and that beautiful atmospher and I am happy for it.

Dear Ljubica and Zoran, thank you for making us part of your wedding. It was pleasure and privilege be your photographer. We want you many smiling days in long life