When you love someone you will pass any obstacle on your way so you can spend your life with that person.

Pinar and Hakan had to come to Belgrade to get married. They are from little city on south of Turkey. Their love was not accepted there, it was forbidden! But with all their love they passed obstacles they had, and they had plenty of them. First they were not allowed to get married in Turkey so they decided to get married in Paris, France. Unfortunately they were declined for shengen Visa so they decided to come to Belgrade.

And in Belgrade, they found their luck :) We met in hotel Majestic, normally they were a bit nervous but we skipped that feeling quickly. Light in the room was perfect so we made great images using just natural light. Timeline was very tight but it didn't represent problem so we want for bottom city of Kalemegdan fortress for quick photo session. It took us around 15 minutes to walk from gate to gate and make this pictures. Then we head to Turkish embassy in Belgrade where was scheduled wedding. In there we found a gem, little oasis made for employees of embassy, with beautiful greens and tables. Light for perfect so we had to take few pictures there, kind officers allowed us small session so we accepted their offer.

It was very cold that day, and they were from seaside and not used to cold. But Pinar was determined not to wear coat on images. We had photoshoot on Knez Mihailo street in the evening and we even manage to involve street artist.

Pinar and Hakan, I hope that you had great day, we certainly did. We wish you happy life..